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The morning after is usually a bittersweet time. You’ll find yourself waking up, one eye still closed, looking at pictures from the night before. You’ll probably smile while you shake your head in a half-hearted disbelief. You’ll say something like “oh man” while you slowly exhale and focus in on some inanimate object on the floor next to the bed/couch that you’re lying on. The truth is, the night’s over and you’ve probably got very little to show for it. That’s life.

Some people choose to live without regrets, looking at each movement forward, even the missteps, as some kind of learning experience or disposable chunk of time. For others, heads swell with dwellings on lost chances and missed opportunities. There’s no right or wrong way of looking at things. Technically speaking, the glass is both half full and half empty. How you choose to word it isn’t going to change a fucking thing about the cup or its contents.

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but I’m not sure I’ve ever woken up the morning after and experienced some great moment of clarity. There are still the what-ifs and the uncertainties.

What we can all agree on is The Night Before. It was a good night.

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DOWNLOAD: The Night Before: A Pigeons and Planes Mix | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: The Night Before: A Pigeons and Planes Mix | Mediafire

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