I never made a Best Albums Of 2010 list. I attempted to, but I couldn’t settle on a list that I was comfortable with. I’d toss and turn at night, trying to decide if my #8 pick really belongs in the #9 slot or if ties should be allowed. I tried to logically work my way through the list-making process by using pie charts, litmus tests, Bunsen burners and many, many Venn Diagrams. These things, as it turns out, do not help when making a list of the best albums of 2010. We’ll try again at the end of 2011, I suppose.

I lost a hold of this post. My point was that King Fantastic made one of my favorite albums of last year with Finger Snaps and Gun Claps. Part of the fun of listening to that album was that I had no idea what to expect before hearing it, so when the hard-hitting combination of electro and gangsta rap started playing, my mind was blown.

After an album like that and videos like this (best video of 2010?), my expectations are high. We’ll see what’s next for the West Coast producer/rapper duo soon. KF has just put out this trailer for their next EP, Death Of Summer.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer…

For more on King Fantastic, visit their site.