When Con mentioned he wanted to get this video up for all of you foolios I volunteered to post it.  My exact comment to him was, “I love Jay-Z and for some strange reason find her goofy faces hot.”  Granted I was a few beers in when I made that statement last night, but I still stand behind it.  *Big Beautiful Eyes Alert*.

All joking aside Amy has a very strong voice and the Karmin duo certainly look like they enjoy covering everything from Lady Antebellum songs to Hov’s “Encore” as seen in this ad for the Rocawear clothing line.  The video starts off with an excerpt from Karmin’s original song, “Carbon Copy” and in the midst of all the white girl rapping I think I catch Nick playing Eric Clapton’s “Layla” on the keys.  Cool.

If Jay-Z is putting his stamp of approval on Karmin with this one, then I guess they’re all good in my book too.  Video after the jump.