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Ready? This is the first post ever on the internet about this act that goes by the name Shadows On Stars.

I can’t even tell you anything about them yet. The whole story is kind of complicated, but I’m really loving the music, and that’s what matters. Plus, mystery is cool right? Right. “Now You’re Mine” is a short and sweet indie pop song – excellent stuff. More to come, both information and music.

Now You’re Mine by ShadowsOnStars

*I realize that the Soundcloud page has reached it’s download limit, and I know how dumb some of you are, so here’s how to download: Scroll over the image and you’ll see some options pop up. One of them is “Download Now You’re Mine.” This is the one you can use to download the song.

**And just kidding about you guys being dumb. I just think it’s funny to say that. You know I love you.