If you don’t know yet, P&P has a secret weapon. It’s 10 year old Kayla, the opinionated daughter of a friend of mine. It all started when she wrote me an email about Ke$ha, and it turned into a monthly feature called Letters From Kayla. Every month I send her a song or video to review and she tells me her thoughts.

This month, I decided to send her over the new Lil Wayne single.

Lil Wayne – “How To Love”

Kayla kept it brief this time:

Dear Jacob,

Hey Jacob the song you sent me was really good i liked it a lot. And you were right about how lil wayne usualy raps but this and this song is pretty different for him but i still like it. I like the beat and the lyrics which is basicly the whole thing!

Love, Kayla

While we were on the topic of Wayne, I had to get her opinion on one other thing – face tats. I sent her the picture above and asked her what she thought of Lil Wayne’s face tattoos. Hit the jump for our conversation…

Me: Cool, thanks Kayla! I have one more question for the post. What do you think of Lil Wayne’s face tattoos? I attached a picture for reference.

Kayla: I dont like them at all i would like the little hear and the “i am music” one if they were like somewhere else but i think face tatoos are gross

Kayla again: i meant heart not hear

Me: I think you should tell your mom you want a face tat.

Kayla: why would i i dont

Me: Face tats are cool

And that, my friends, is how you plant a seed of corruption.