I’ve been seeing on Twitter lately that skinny kids are running it. I really don’t know what we are running. Being a skinny kid at the moment, I don’t seem to be running anything besides random posts for P&P. I’m lucky to call myself a skinny kid right now, because I know mass amounts of beer and no working out equals large beer belly. I think I see one starting to form now. The day I can’t call myself a skinny kid will be the day skinny kids stop running whatever we are running in this game.

Until then check out these two skinny kids of the Midwest – Young Scolla residing from Big Jerm‘s and my home state of the Mitten and Machine Gun Kelly representing Ohio. I asked Scolla where this track was going to land and he responded that it is just a freebee.

Young Scolla Ft. Machine Gun Kelly – “Skinny Kid”

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