Omen hops on a Voli produced track for some straight heat. Dreamville has such a solid team it’s effing ridiculous. There’s really nothing else to say about this track except for something along the lines of “turn on, tune in, drop out & fight the system.” Listen to some revolution music below…

Feelin’ like I’m, stuck in a prison

Wonderful wisdom I gained thru the wonders of livin’

Regardless, I’m givin’ the hardest decisions

Pardon my pennin’

I’m caught in a system where the logic is hidden, there’s documents missin’

Knowin’ that they oughta petition, lord they don’t listen

They caught up in their corporate-isms, fraudulent pimpin’, awful conditions, wear your suit

9-5 is salvery, these colorful nooses’ just a part of tradition

Omen – “Colorful Nooses” (Prod. Voli)

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