I still remember the first time I heard K. Flay. It was almost two years ago now, shortly after I had returned home from moving 6-hours away to be with the girl I loved, only to have her break up with me at the end of winter semester, actually like one month before the end.

So there I am acting all depressed at a friend’s birthday party & drinking a beer on the back porch, trying to get back into the groove of things and have fun when out of no where the geekiest friend I have turns around out of the conversation he’s currently in and says something along the lines of “OH! Big Jerm! Do you know who Zion I is?!” So all confused-like I say “…Yeah, why?”

Pushing up his glasses, he goes on to explain that this song came on his Pandora station the other day called “Coastin'” by Zion I and it had this amazing girl singing and her name was something like K. Flay, and of course he wanted to know if I had heard it. Hit the jump for the rest of the story, the download link & more information…

…So all apathetic like I managed to mutter a “Nope, never heard of it I don’t think,” which was clearly the wrong thing to say because he got all excited that he knew about this dope song that I had never heard of before and ran inside to find his laptop. I kinda forgot about it and went back to drinking my beer in the corner of the deck behind my aviators until a few minutes later he comes running back out with the video pulled up. He stopped the music all awkward-like as he announced “Sorry guys!” and then plugged in his own computer and pressed play. I had absolutely zero expectations.

As soon as those first lines dropped, I was hooked.

When life brings trouble, you can fight or run away
/ I have no struggle, relax watch me float away / I’m coastin’, I’m coastin’ on a dream

It was like what I had been waiting to hear since the day my ex-girlfriend called me a few weeks before my birthday and said something along the lines of “…after this semester is over things probably won’t work out, you’re going home anyway, right?” The song, and my amazing friends, pretty much got me through that summer.

Even to this day it’s still one of my go to songs when I’m down & out. But alas, otherwise, I had pretty much forgotten about K. Flay. So when I stumbled upon her website this morning to see she released a new mixtape on April 1st as well as three new videos since then I had to check it out. Starting off with the video for “Doctor Don’t Know,” which samples Gil Scott-Heron’s “New York Is Killing Me,” while waiting for the mixtape to download was a great idea.


K. Flay – “Doctor Don’t Know

Download Mixtape: K. Flay – I Stopped Caring in ’96 (BTW, her site is one of the coolest I’ve seen for an artist, I highly suggest looking around)

Hit up her YouTube page for videos of “Less than Zero” & “PARTY” along with the rest of her visual content!

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