It is extremely difficult to find a mashup that pleases everyone.  Case in point, the Cudi / Flo & The Machines tune we posted a few weeks back.  While most approved there were still some negative birds chirping in comments box.  Look, I get it.  We’ve all been burned in the past by some piece of garbage.  A smashup if you will where pressing play on your iPod results in a head-on collision of poorly intermingled samples and vocal bits.  DJ Dipshit cutting and splicing on fly.  The audio version of a migraine.  On the flip side there are those that are done properly. Care and precision are implemented and you can tell that extreme attention was paid to the right details.

D.veloped has provided us with the latter example of those two scenarios.  His work on “Son Of A Nun” is air tight.  He even makes Nelly sound cool again, which is a feat in and of itself.  When I commented to D.veloped this morning that mashups are tricky critters to master, he shot back with a pretty epic and hilarious response:

“I dont like making simple mashups persay.  My shit is kind of like a threesome.  You see your simple mashup is a twosome (one track laid over another).  However, my mixes resemble a threesome (more than 2 tracks meshing together).  I dont know about you, but i’d rather have a threesome (the cool kind that is).”

Wouldn’t we all?

Son Of A Nun Ft. Nelly by D.VELOPED

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