This one’s for you, Friday.  The day I love and hate at the same time.  You week-ending tease you.  We all know the best part about Friday’s are the end of them.  As soon as the clock strikes 5pm we bust out of the office doors in a gleeful exuberance, holding hands with our co-workers as we skip down the street to nearest bar to, “only have a few”.  Six hours later your tie’s around your head and Tommy’s passed out in a pile of nachos.  Standard procedure.

Here I am talking cocktails and it’s only lunchtime, my bad.  So to help get you through this Friday Kinetics & One Love present you with the soundtrack to your post-workday shenanigans.  Download “Happy Hour” below, shouts out to Silverlake to Soho for the share.

Kinetics & One Love – “Happy Hour” (Office Theme Remix)

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