There is a glaring disparity between fans and critics when it comes to Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. I thought the labels are the evil ones. What happened? With the sensation that is Odd Future, it seems like critics have suddenly become the bad guys.

Many Odd Future fans seem to think that bloggers, journalists, and music reviewers don’t “get” it. They can’t possibly. Shit, I can’t even talk about Odd Future without someone calling me faggot or tossing out a “Fuck P&P”, as if I’m part of some corporate machine where everyone’s opinions are carefully shaped by a cookie cutter and eyeballs have little dollar signs for pupils.

Maybe it’s because Tyler likes to say “Fuck you” to the blogs, magazines, and members of the media, which just ends up getting him more media attention, which, I guess, benefits everyone except the misguided fans that go around parroting his attitudes and end up looking like fanboys and fangirls instead of the rebels they see in the mirror. But that’s a whole other story.

Maybe it has something to do with age. I remember being in middle school and feeling half-mad at my dad for not understanding why I wanted to listen to Eminem. Then again, I don’t think Eminem’s music would have been half as appealing to me if my dad could relate to it. So it’s like “fuck him, this speaks to me.”

Maybe it’s just because the music is what it is, and everybody’s sick of the over-analysis of what it means, who it impacts, what inspires it, or how it should be interpreted. None of this stuff matters to the kid that just heard Goblin for the first time and had his/her world flipped on its stomach and violated.

Whatever the case, it seems that critics are mostly just preaching to the choir. There have been some really interesting analyses, but I don’t think many Odd Future fans want to hear it.

OFWGKTA has created a unique atmosphere, one with a “If you don’t like it, you don’t understand” mentality. I’ve already shared my thoughts on the album, and you can read that along with the thoughts of other bloggers, industry folks, and tastemakers – here, but for this review I’ve decided to hit up Facebook and Twitter and just ask people what they thought. No rules, no direction, no outside influence.

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