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e-dubble has been giving us free music for I-don’t-even-know-how-long now, and week after week he’s delivered with a passion and honesty that has made me a fan. Today, P&P gets a first taste of his new single “Changed My Mind”, which is going to be available on iTunes within the next few days.

“Changed My Mind” is a peak for e-dub. It’s like everything has been building up and this is the inevitable breaking point. Instead of sounding broken, the Philadelphia raised, Baltimore dwelling rapper/producer sounds more determined than ever. 42 seconds in, he lets off a grunt that conveys more emotion than most rappers could get across with a whole song. The track is explosive, but it sounds like the most complete and polished song yet. Selling music in today’s environment is tough, but this is worth my 99 cents.

You can find e-dubble on Facebook or Twitter. Listen to “Changed My Mind” below, and support when it comes out.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you guys know this is now available on iTunes. Download it here.

e-dubble – Changed My Mind by edubble

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