This mash-up was too crazy not to post. Tyler, The Creator backed by instrumentals off of an indie cult classic of an album. I’m assuming everyone who frequents this blog is familiar with “Yonkers,” and if you’re up on that In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, this mash-up is kind of mindblowing.

Tyler, The Creator vs. Neutral Milk Hotel – “Communist Future”

Confusion Edit:

This mash-up was too crazy not to investigate. Odd Future x Neutral Milk Hotel? It’s the kind of thing that you’d probably never think of, but when it happens you’re like “Ohh, right,” as if it was some obvious idea that you were on the brink of thinking up yourself. Neutral Milk Hotel and OFWGKTA both have the cult-like followings propelled by their unconventional styles, unique choices in content, and enigmatic personal stories. Although they aren’t musically similar in any obvious ways, that’s what mash-ups are for, right?

I did a little digging, and found another OF/Neutral Milk mash that pits Tyler and Earl’s “Assmilk” against Neutral Milk’s “King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1”. It looks like these were both posted on a forum and eventually got uploaded to this YouTube account. The one up top is by Cyclops Rock and the one below is by Gnarlo. Someone should go ahead and make a whole album.

Tyler, The Creator vs. Neutral Milk Hotel – “King Of Assmilk Flowers”

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