The Dean’s List has been interesting to watch over the past year. We first got word of the Boston hip-hop group back in March of last year, and there was no doubt that they were going to make some noise, but for some reason, stuff like that still blows my mind when it actually happens. It’s like the moment you hear one of your friends play a song that you thought only you knew, or when you first see your favorite underground band mentioned on MTV. The Dean’s List has quickly become one of the premiere acts for the style of hip-hop that can sell out college campus shows with no effort, and their popularity is still ballooning and close to the popping point.

Check out a song if you’re still not familiar, download their most recent mixtape here, and keep up with them at their official page.

The Dean’s List – “Dear Professor”

Hit the jump to watch Episode 2 of their BreakfastTalk series (a P&P premiere), where you can see some behind the scenes footage of what the guys are up to…