Since I’ve started contributing to P&P, Con helped me realize why P&P has become so popular. Besides the great writing and Con’s distinctive way with words, we post music you don’t see on every other site. Like the name Pigs and Planes implies, all this music is so diverse and catches the ear of people just as diverse. With all that being said, I have something some of you might use as a reason to instantly sign off on me from now on.

Olu has taken what could possibly be the biggest viral video of 2011, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and turned it to an enjoyable song. Luckily, B.Lett switches up the beat and turns it into more of a dubstep type creation. Olu takes you on the trip of most our Fridays. Unlike telling us what days come after what other days, he helps us remember what Fridays are supposed to be about – a 40 oz, liquor, or a paper plane. Whatever it is you do on that night, I can guarantee it is much better than what Rebecca Black has planned for you.

Download: Olu – Friday feat. Rebecca Black (Prod. B Lett)