One of the coolest things about blogging, to me, is the connection with Pigeons and Planes readers. We are not the biggest site out, and we are far from the most professional, but I feel a strong sense of camaraderie with you guys that I don’t see with many other sites. It’s strange, because I blog under “Confusion” and I don’t give out my personal information, but I pour a lot of myself into this blog and I think you guys somehow soak that up.

It’s hard to keep an identity in a world (particularly the music world) that places so much value on image. It’s part of the reason that I’ve chosen to remain as anonymous as I can. Among socialites, networkers, movemakers, and peacocks, I am a fucking pigeon. I love music, and I love the music industry, no matter how much it strays from what I believe it could be. I want to be a part of it, but at the same time, I want to be different. It’s confusing, and I suffer a small identity crisis every day, right after I wake up and before I boot up my computer.

I guess I just wanted to let you know. This seems like a very particular case of Confusion identity identity confusion, but I think we can all relate. Fuck the guidelines, norms, and expectations. Things can get blurry and distorted, but do what you think is right. Never ignore your passions. Don’t worry about the status quo. I’m going to stop before I get too corny.

I like to spend some time listening to my mixes before posting. Things I did while listening to this mix:

– I drew this picture in Paint.
– Wrote a letter to an ex, then decided to delete it instead of sending. (Shut up, you’ve never done that?)
– Got distracted by a documentary about the influence of anthropologists on an Amazonian tribe.
– Fed my goldfish and put my face right above the water so I could see them up close. Watched for 10 minutes. Realized if someone walked in and saw me doing this, it would probably look really weird and instead of explaining I would have to resort to a clumsy noise like “Uhh” or “Ehr”.
– Watched this video about 10 times after Ezra Koenig shared it on Twitter.
– Applied to jobs. Thought about setting up a job site specifically for music-related jobs. Then thought about how funny it would be if that job site ended up being my career. Then realized I had just been staring at my desk for the last half hour.

Pigeons and Planes. You, not you. I hope you like it.

Hit the jump for the tracklisting and download links…

DOWNLOAD: You, Not You | Alternate link

DOWNLOAD: You, Not You | Alternate link

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