Here’s a new video of the lovely Lykke Li performing on the moon. It’s from the Wounded Rhymes app

Discover the other two Moon performances and other videos by travelling the world with Lykke, using the new app.

I took a quick look at the app, and I’m not sure what it’s all about yet, but it seems like you start by entering your address and then travelling from that point on Google Maps. I can only assume that the goal is to find/follow Lykke Li (finally, someone created the “Stalk Lykke App” I’ve been thinking about for years). Apparently, this will be difficult, since Lykke Li might be on the Moon. Oh well, I’d stalk you all the way to Pluto, Lykke. I’m gonna go try out this app and see if, when I finally find her, the app creators and me are on the same page about what comes next.

Hit the jump to watch…

PS – Lykke Li will be on Conan’s show tonight at 11PM on TBS.