I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise by now that Iceland, a country with a population the same size as a small city, pumps out talented musicians from indie to country to classical, and now some electro-pop. FM Belfast write quirky, upbeat, danceable songs and have re-released “Underwear” from their debut album for digital download with a great video to celebrate signing to Morr Music. Check out that video and their SXSW dates after the jump.

And their SXSW shows:

2011-03-17 Austin (US) – SXSW Festival (@ Wunderbar Lunch, 1pm )

2011-03-18 Austin (US) – SXSW Festival (@ Hangar Lounge : Latin Works (Kick-Off-Party), 5pm )

2011-03-19 Austin (US) – SXSW Festival (@ Official SXSW Showcase, Emo’s Jr, 12am )

2011-03-19 Austin (US) – SXSW Festival (@M For Montreal showcase, 5pm)

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