With the video for “The Suburbs”, we got a sample of things to come. If that video was the appetizer, then this trailer is like the main course. No, the movie will be the main course. Maybe the music video was like the bread & butter, then this can be the appetizer. Or maybe two appetizers? One could be a salad? I don’t know. This post is not going well. I need to chill out with my food references. Here are the facts:

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler and his brother wrote a script with Spike Jonze about some kids in a suburban town. From what I’ve heard, there is war going on outside of the town and they are surrounded by a military presence, preventing anyone from leaving. The 30-minute short film will be shown at SXSW and is coming to DVD soon.

It looks delicious. Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Narration by Win…

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