Whenever Daylight Savings Time comes around, I get weird. It feels like I’ve just been pranked by God. Time seems like one of the few things in the world that is relatively stable. Yet, every now and then (who even knows when it really happens? nobody) the people in charge of time (who the fuck?) decide to steal an hour of my life. It just disappeared. I am no older, I have not aged an hour, and certainly I have not accomplished anything, but that hour is gone. Oh well, I’ll forget about it by tomorrow.

I’m too disgruntled to blog. Here’s a good new song from The Niceguys. Here are bullet points I copied and pasted about The Niceguys:

  • The Niceguys’ next release will be The James Kelly EP, which, as of now, features Killa Kyleon and U-N-I. They’re still wrapping up recording, so it’s possible some other folks may be involved prior to completion.
  • The Niceguys have also received co-signs from the likes of Bun-B and Slim Thug, and in addition to covering the Houston Press, they also recently covered the Arts Section of Houston’s largest daily newspaper, the Houston Chronicle. Yves Saint also continues to blog for SLAM Magazine.
  • “The Good Shepherd” video, a recent single from The Show, is in the process of being added to mtvU, and we’re expecting to have other new videos added to MTV2 and MTV Jams in the near future.
  • Following the EP, The Niceguys will be releasing their follow-up LP, Kings Of Tomorrow, some time in early fall. Like The ShowKOT will be offered as a free download and also for sale at all digital retailers.

The Niceguys – Ari Gold ft Chevy Lauren

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