Waiting another week until The Strokes new album Angles drops seems to be impossible. It’s 2011, and “waiting” barely exists anymore. The last time I waited for something (in line at the grocery store) I had a panic attack and abandoned my produce – “I will just stop eating”, I thought. This is irrational, but that’s what waiting does to us.

This hatred for waiting has especially affected music. If you are optimistic, you might say that the internet offers new opportunities for artists to market themselves and engage their fans. On the flip side, once an artist announces a project, the internet starts getting all antsy. We want songs, we want videos, we want updates, pictures of you in the studio – we want to know what fucking shoes you are wearing and what you had for breakfast. Twitpic or it didn’t happen.

To make the waiting a little easier, The Stokes have decided to let you stream the upcoming album at their website.

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