And just like that, it is here. Here is the full project from The ILLZ titled *:03 From Gold*.  Download link of the full project below & hit the jump for the track listing & to read what The ILLZ has to say about this project. You can check out everything you may have missed from this project, including tracks and videos, HERE.

The ILLZ – *:03 From Gold* (EP)

:03 From Gold by TheILLZ

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This project was never supposed to exist.  I had written “November Sky” in November of 010’ and the verse for “The Sun Doesn’t Know It’s a Star” was originally written around April. Both were supposed to be on other projects. However once again , like the In Between Video Series, I was in a position where I had to create something that can bridge the now with the projects I was planning to release in the near future.

The most primitive purpose of this project was to rebuild momentum for Let it Fall: The Pursuit Remixes as well as the full length follow up to The Pursuit which is slated to drop in the summer of 2011. But something happened, as it usually does when you begin creating a project.  I’ve always been interested in studying and reading about planets and the universe as a whole.  So I began reading and watching many informational pieces on the subject.  By the time I created what was the final song of the project, “To Know Your Place in The Universe”, I began to realize a common theme throughout the EP.  Not by conscious effort almost every song title had something to do with the universe.

In addition, the tone and atmosphere of the instrumentation on this project was very spacey as well.  ”November Sky” reminded me of the film “October Sky” and Jake Gyllenhaal’s character’s hunger to follow his dream and passion regardless of the humble small town expectations that were set for him. “Learn To Fly (The Rocket)” was the moment you begin to realize that maybe it is possible to soar to new heights while “The Sun Doesn’t Know It’s a Star” to me represents the story of someone who is great to an extent that they haven’t even realized yet, however they finally become aware of that potential and possibility.  ”To Know Your Place in The Universe” represents the hunger to want to know your purpose, self worth, and place in the grand scheme of things and “DE SIDERE (The Gold)” captures the moment when it all makes sense, when you become a more confident you and feel close to catapulting to those great heights you’ve only wondered about before.

A lot of people have asked me the title’s meaning (:03 From Gold) and how I came up with it.  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill changed my life and in it there was a story entitled “Three Feet from Gold” which had always struck a nerve with me. To summarize, it was about a man who traveled west during the “gold rush”. After weeks of labor he finally found gold, bought equipment to find the vein of gold and gave up when he was literally three feet from the vein.  The story represents the fact that most of us give up when we are extremely close to realizing what it is we set out to achieve.

I don’t feel like we’re about to give up, not at all. However I do feel that we are closer than ever to making it, and life is throwing everything she’s got at us to make us quit.  Time is more fitting to our journey and a bit more universal over all so I changed feet to seconds.  Put that all together and what I am left with is :03 From Gold a culmination of these last few months and a special project that I hope can inspire people to the degree in which it has inspired me. Enjoy. – The ILLZ

The ILLZ – *:03 From Gold* (EP)