New record from D. Julien called “Mirror” produced by Bahama Beats. On this track Julien is reflecting on life as he sees it on a day to day. Here’s what he has to say about the song:

New joint titled “Mirror“. It’s not a self reflective record as the title may give off. It’s more of a reflective record on today’s society, some social “issues” if you will & the stereotypes that surround our demographic. I guarantee you know someone in at least one of these situations which is why I felt it was an important joint to drop. I’m not preachin’ on this joint at all lol .. I’m just pointing out what I see and I know you see it too. Can you look in the mirror and honestly say I am happy with who I am? I definitely can. Hope you can too. – D. Julien (website)

D. Julien – “Mirror” | Mediafire

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