It’s cool that rappers are becoming more influenced by the indie rock/pop world. As a fan of both hip-hop and indie-everything, I’m happy to see the worlds mingling. It’s like introducing your abrasive, foul friend to a shy, dainty girl and witnessing the odd couple become close. As expected, there have been awkward interactions and a few what-the-fucks, but it’s working out nicely, for the most part.

The main problem with this merger is that rappers are still a little slow. In most cases, you can tell that indie music is not their forte, and they end up sampling the same played out shit, way after the indie kids have already moved on. (Note: If you’re a rapper thinking of sampling The xx or MGMT – don’t do it.) G-Eazy surprised me with this one, flipping Jai Paul’s “BTSTU”, one of my favorite tracks from an artist that is still on the cusp of breaking. Nice work.

Listen/download below.

DOWNLOAD: G-Eazy – Kings

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