In hip-hop, “different” is pretty rare, but I have never heard something quite like Baltimore emcee Al Rogers’ delivery. You know how Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino sometimes put so much energy into their raps that their voice cracks a little at the end, like Kurt Cobain when he really wailed? It’s usually only for a split second, then they reel it back in. Al Rogers takes this to the extreme, working the voice crack into almost every line.

When I listened for the fist time, my head slowly tilted back and forth like a dog that is being screeched at. I still don’t really know how to take it. Some of you will probably react by making fun of it, ’cause you are bullies by nature, but I I think I like it. I’m starting to think that Al Rogers is making the voice-crack flow work. He’s got an EP coming out on 11/11/11/.

Al Rogers – Fuck Chuck Norris! (REMOVED BY REQUEST)

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