Last month, Kayla, the 10 year old daughter of a friend of mine, emailed me a letter about Ke$ha. She heard I wasn’t a fan of Ke$ha and was very upset by this (read the letter here). She obviously had some strong feelings, and her letter got such a good response from readers that we decided to make it a monthly feature. Kayla had her demands (a pink Pigeons and Planes shirt – still working on it), but we came to an agreement. This will be a feature called “Letters From Kayla“. Each month we’ll get a letter from Kayla – the most honest, opinionated, and awesome 10 year old I know.

This time, I wanted to give Kayla a song to review. I went on Twitter and asked you guys what you wanted me to have her review. Of course, you goons chose Odd Future. I found a clean version of “Yonkers”, but even that was risky. Luckily, Kayla’s mom was out of town on this particular night (sorry for corrupting your child, Bugga), so I sent Kayla a copy of Tyler, The Creator‘s “Yonkers” (off GOBLIN, to be released May 10) to listen to. Here is her response, word for word:

Dear Jacob,

I DO NOT LIKE THIS SONG AT ALL !!!!! It is very very very weird i dont understand half of the words he`s saying !!! What`s a “paradox” ??? It has a good beat but its kind of like jays z song “its a hard knock life” but i like the beat . Please send me a song or artist that i will like next time ! :) P.S. YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO THE FOLLOWING SONGS “HEY BABY BY PITBULL AND T-PAIN , WHAT THE HELL , BY AVRIL LAVIGNE AND WHOS THAT CHICK BY RIHANNA” !!!!!!!!

Kayla <3

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