Young Scolla meets SMKA is the new album from Detroit based artist Young Scolla and producers SMKA. All of Scolla’s mixtapes from Sign Of Greatness: Tale Of Barack Scobama to his latest Built For More: Journey To Tears & Triumphs have been high quality and he is set to be one Detroit’s top artists of 2011. SMKA and Scolla are doing something a little different with this album as well. I’ll let them explain this part.

We are attempting to do something fairly unique in independent hip-hop. To date, we haven’t seen the hip-hop community embrace, or even really attempt, to use crowd funding as a platform to create an album. Possibly too many MCs are focused on getting signed, or breaking a single on the radio, instead of trying to build a fan base and monetize their brand/music. Hip-Hop artists across the US are trying to make a living making music, but very, VERY few have been able to turn their passion into profit. We see Kickstarter as an opportunity to create a high-quality album without the necessity of a label or sponsorship. If successful, we also hope to show other independent hip-hop artists an alternative path, outside of labels and sponsors.

Support a new brand of hip-hop, even if it is only $2. All the money is going to a good cause. Plus some of the deals they have for donations are pretty good. Donate to Young Scolla Meets SMKA here.

Young Scolla – “Built For It” (Prod. SMKA) | Mediafire