2011 is finally rolling and everyone is probably beginning to plan things like what festivals to attend and what gigs to see. Just to make that decision a little easier for you we have web editor of ticketing website Aloud.com Callie Morris with her top 5 recommended live acts for 2011…

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Having been likened to grungey-greats Nirvana, Tribes are kind of refreshing in that mumbly, raw, disheveled way. It seems they have a massive uniqueness at the moment – breaking away from the usual mainstream stuff by channeling their inner 90’s grunge rock and blasting it out for all to hear. So rip a vintage rock tshirt, pull on some dirty jeans and go see Tribes!

They’re about to go on a mini tour, supporting Mona with dates ranging from the 19th February until the 9th March. Before this though they do have two London dates by themselves, February 13th and 19th. Check out their Myspace page for tour dates, album release news and any other info you might fancy…


Scottish indie/alternative rock band Glasvegas are not really new music at all, but made it onto my list because I believe they are a definite must-see band for 2011! The thick Scottish accent of vocalist James Allan comes through into the music which also takes influence from The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. A free download of their track ‘The World Is Yours’ is also available to download off the band’s official website.

Glasvegas are all set to release their second album Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\ in April and will be touring the UK in March, with dates all over the place including Edinburgh, London, and Bristol. For more details check out the Glasvegas tickets page at Aloud.com

Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man is a dubstep project formed in 2007 and made up of pretty well established dubstep DJs Benga, Skream and Artwork. Their debut album Magnetic Man was released in October 2010 and went straight to number 1 in the UK dance chart. If you’re into dubstep then you should definitely already know about these guys, but no matter what genre you usually go for you are pretty much guaranteed a wicked time at a Magnetic Man gig. Having collaborated with John Legend and Katy B it is pretty safe to assume that you’ll be in good hands with these guys – they definitely know what they’re doing!

For more information check out their tickets page at Aloud.com.

Jessie J

It would be a bit silly to leave off an artist like Jessie J… Having just won the BBC Sound of 2011 award she will be storming the charts this year. Her insane vocal talent is propelling her into the mainstream, with Justin Timberlake labeling her as “the best singer in the world right now”. She also has a lesser known YouTube ‘Dare Jessie J’ series where she accepts and carries out various dares from people such as B.O.B and Perez Hilton, if you’re a bit of a fan it’s definitely worth checking out. Also, while I’m dishing out random information, another Jessie fact is that she has an irregular heartbeat and had a minor stroke when she was just 18 years old…

Her upcoming tour will begin at the end of March in Glasgow and end on the 9th April in Co. Antrim. Check out Aloud.com for more details and to buy tickets.

Esben and the Witch

Indie/experimental rock trio Esben and the Witch are massively up and coming. Having just released their debut album Violet Cries in January they will be spreading their atmospheric, intelligent music to the masses. Their gigs are a must-see, capitivating the audience with pretty minimalistic sound for an unforgettable performance. Having played with acts such as The xx, Foals and The Big Pink it won’t be long before Esben and the Witch climb the ranks from pigeon to plane!

They will be touring the UK in the first week of April – for tickets and more information about Esben and the Witch check out Aloud.com.