You might know Brenton Duvall for his mash-ups and remixes. If you know him for anything other than his mash-ups and remixes, you know more than I know about Brenton Duvall. I’m sure he has other talents – maybe he cooks. But I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never seen Brenton Duvall cook.

When you listen to a Brenton Duvall mash up, you can immediately tell the kid has an ear for music. His compositions have always been way beyond piling one song on top of another and matching the tempo, so it’s no surprise that he’s expanding into producing for other artists. The biggest problem with this expansion, for most producers, is finding the right people to work with. A lot of times up and coming producers are forced to settle, and no matter how good the production is, a shit rapper can bring any song down. Luckily for Brenton, Young Prince is not a shit rapper. He matches the energy on this Jackson Browne sampling joint nicely, and word on the net is these two will be working together more in the future. Looking forward to it. What do you think? Check out/download “Strange Times” below.

Young Prince – Strange Times (Prod. Brenton Duvall)