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When I decided to make a Winter mix, I immediately conjured up an image of the cover art. I thought of some vintage photograph, warm but still distant, maybe depicting a fireplace scene or a thick flannel blanket draped over the back of a sofa. Something wintery, but not too literal. You know, accessible, but still artistic. I imagined a mix that you could listen to in this setting – acoustic singer/songwriters pulling at your heart strings with their emo lyrics and perfectly arranged minor chords. Very soon after I imagined this mix, I scrapped it.

Wintermix starts off with some of that sad stuff so you can cry your seasonal depression away, but it cheers up pretty quickly. Gloomy skies and cold weather might put you in a funk, but it shouldn’t funk up your cravings for a diverse musical buffet. From The Mountain Goats to Gucci Mane, here is Wintermix.

Recommended listening method for Wintermix:

1) Find a fireplace. Sit down by that fireplace. Pour yourself a glass of wine. I suggest a red – maybe a Cabernet or a Malbec. Relax to the first few songs while enjoying the warmth of the fire and the earthy tannins of your wine.

2) As the music starts to feel a little more upbeat, allow yourself to indulge. Let those sips flow into healthy swigs.

3) Make a mixed drink. If you’re already to track ten, you’re late. Hurry up!

4) Shots.

5) Strippers.

6) If there’s a table in front of you, break it. Throw it into the fire and start chanting your own name, encouraging the strippers and spontaneous partiers that have surely joined you by now to do the same.

7) Hard drugs, violence, and chaos. If, by now, the fire has not spread to other areas in your room/building, you are behind. Hurry up, spread the fire!

8) Probably someone has died by now. There are many injuries, and everyone in sight has a weapon in hand. There is most definitely looting.

9) Let the mix play out while you enjoy the scene. Take part in the fun until the music stops. Try to remain the person on highest ground (climb something, stand on something). This communicates power and should also provide some safety.

10) When the music stops, flee the area.

11) Lay low for a few days.

Click “Read More” for the tracklisting and download links. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Wintermix | Alternate link

DOWNLOAD: Wintermix | Alternate Link