New Freelance Whales x Green Label Sound. Since Weathervanes (really great album) the Freelance Whales have taken a little bit of a different direction. It’s more full and lush, but also a little more distant. Check out/download “Day Off” below, and if you missed the other Freelance Whales x Green Label Sound track, get it here. Speaking of days off, I need one after the legendary Lil B show in NYC last night. Might do a post on it later, but for now, I’m focused on recovery.

Green Label Sound today releases, “Day Off,” its second exclusive single by New York City’s Freelance Whales. “Day Off” is the companion to the band’s previous single “Enzymes” – both of which head down the path of the band’s new, more mature and introspective direction. The band refers to the tracks as “twin siblings that don’t look too much alike.” Keyboardist/vocalist, Chuck Chris, who penned “Day Off,” describes them as “sounding a lot bigger and more live” than previous works. Lead singer Judah Dadone says that “Day Off” and “Enzymes” are “a deliberate reaction to road life. It’s about wanting to come home. It’s about trying to reclaim your own possessions and trying to reclaim the people in your life that you love.”

As with “Enzymes,” “Day Off” was recorded at Emery Dobyns’ intimate studio in Weehauken, NJ. Freelance Whales were originally attracted to Dobyns as a producer because of his excellent work with Battles and Antony And The Johnsons. The band describes Dobyns as “talented and hugely versatile.” Both singles are available for free download at now.

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