This is the jam! It features the production of Hot Sugar and the vocals of Aaron Livingston, who sings the chorus on one of my favorite Roots songs, “Guns Are Drawn“. Shout out to Kabeer for sending this over! I probably listened to it once an hour since I got it and it rescued me from a horrible day of work.

Using found sounds to make beats is nothing new, but what sets Hot Sugar apart is that he records these unusual sounds and then tweaks them on his keyboard till they sound completely different. In other words, if something in one of his beats sounds like it came from a drum set, it might actually be the sound of a car running over a juicebox, or a fire cracker pitched down and chopped up, etc.

Hot Sugar recently released a track called “Color Wars” featuring Aaron Livingston, who has sung on songs by The Roots and RJD2. It’ll be on his upcoming free EP, Muscle Milk, which will mostly be instrumentals.  He’s also working on a full-length that will feature a whole bunch of guest singers and rappers (though we can’t yet reveal who), which will be released in 2011.

Hot Sugar – Color Wars ft. Aaron Livingston

Hit the jump to watch a crazy video of Hot Sugar making a beat with the help of an old guy with tattoos all over his face.

Recently he linked up with Dame Dash and Creative Control, who filmed a video of his unique process of making beats with odd found sounds – would love for you to consider posting it.  The clip also shows his random, quirky sense of humor… you’ll see how an old guy with a tattooed face, a toy gun, snoring, and playing guitar in the shower can all add up to create a Hot Sugar beat.  (Bonus point if you spot the Dipset and  No Limit Reords chains that appear in the video for a second!)

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