Yo. Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a little while, got caught up with finals week. Anywayz, I’m done with classes and am ready to bring the second installment of my Dance Music Posts.  If anyone can come up with a better name for these posts, hit me up in the comments. I spent a little while trying to come up with something clever, but the best I had was Midas’ Minerals. Which didn’t really make any sense. This is just stuff in the electronic world that caught my ear in the past week or so, it’s a big post this week so hold on to your headphones and get downloading after the jump. And catch the last on of these posts here.

Leading off, Diplo x The Streets.  This one’s really worth it’s own post and honestly shouldn’t be as danceable as it is. Diplo shows his globetrotting influences here, using that stuttering snare line and “ay” vocals straight from dirty south hip-hop and switching directly into a destructive dubstep synthline. Add in Mike Skinner’s poetry over the sparse bass and trumpets? Eghck.

The Streets – Going Through Hell (Diplo Remix) | Mediafire

Hudson Mohawke is an insanely talented producer from Scotland who puts out extremely consistent and complex releases.  His stuff is always more creative than the next artist’s, and he seems to have little concern with making dancefloor-ready tunes (check out Fuse).  This remix of Krystal Klear’s Tried For Your Love, however, is. Thank you RCRD LBL.

Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) | Mediafire

Cassie’s Me & U came out like 4 or 5 years ago, and I realllllly liked it, kinda shamefully. It’s one of those pop tracks that still gets plays to this day. Don’t judge me.  Apparently London bass label Local Action feels the same way and commissioned a Cassie Remix EP. Standout on the release? Me & U Remix by Brackles.

Cassie – Me & U (Brackles Remix) | Mediafire

I’m not sure who The Goonies are, googling them is tough. What I do know is they make fantastic, bass-heavy ghettotech. I’m not really sure what ghettotech is but this feels like what it should sound like so I’m sticking with the genre designation. Africa is my favorite of their tracks I’ve heard so far, and will be finding its way into a lot of playlists/DJ sets from now on. Shout out to GottaDanceDirty on the tip on this one.

The Goonies – Africa | Mediafire

Another GDD tip, this guy named Bratkilla makes some intensely heavy dubstep. He’s 19, and seems intent on destroying your sanity with bass. I guess if Swedes make the best pop music they can also make the most flthy, powerful, and aggressive dubstep too? Stands to reason. Rumble Rumble Wamp Wamp Wamp Woo.

Bratkilla – Masturbating Flesh Collector | Mediafire

The Count & Sinden is a collaboration between two heavy-hitter’s in the UK dance scene, Hervé and Sinden.  This is a remix of their track Addicted To You, by someone called SUbpRIME. It’s a supercharged electro-house banger featuring MCing by UK MC Bashy, who I’ve been keeping an eye since his legitimately touching “Black Boys”. I like it this a lot, it’s a harder, edgier take on the original.

The Count & Sinden – Addicted To You (Ft. Bashy) (SUbpRIME Remix) | Mediafire

Through a project from The Fader, indie rocker Twin Shadow recently remixed “Acid,” a track from jazz artist Ray Barretto. He gave the track (originally out in 1968) a Chicago deep-house vibe that sounds nothing like the original or anything on his own album. It only makes me love Twin Shadow more, and I was a huge fan of his debut album, especially Castles In The Snow.

Ray Barretto – Acid (Twin Shadow Remix) | Mediafire

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post some Kingdom on P&P. This remix of Los Poderes by Rita Indiana, while not even close to being one of my favorite tracks by him, is that excuse.  Kingdom, real name Ezra Rubin (fb friend request pending), is a Brooklyn DJ currently signed to Night Slugs (that name’s gonna come up a lot) and Fool’s Gold (A-Trak’s label). His last two EP releases have been gold and he is, far and away, my favorite artist in dance music right now.

Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix) | Mediafire

Finally, we’ve got a remix of Kele Okereke.  The lead singer of Bloc Party released his solo album earlier this year to not great reviews and such. I liked it, but he rarely brought the energy that makes Bloc Party so great. Everything You Wanted was the only track on the album that came close to a Bloc Party-esque vibe. Here, it gets the makeover treatment twice over from two artists not on my radar.

Kele – Everything You Wanted (Disco of Doom Remix) (Datadex Rework) | Mediafire