If you don’t know what’s going on here, this is the Open Mic series. I wanted to give readers a chance to submit their own ideas instead of being stuck in that comment section all the time. I’m accepting submissions for posts – please read the details here before submitting. All of the posts will be labeled with “Open Mic” (Click on the label right under the post title to see all posts tagged with the same label). Check out the first submission “The Art Of Making A Sex Mix” if you missed it. Here’s the second in the series.

From Brando, a Film/ Music Student/Musician based out of Auckland, New Zealand:

Yo! Great idea for the reader submitted articles!

I wanted to highlight the evolution of the first Rock ‘n’ Roll music that came from the mid 1940’s to the end of the 50’s… it was a really transitional period for the entire music industry and what came out of it was an amazing new sound. I think its cool to look at how Rock ‘n’ Roll evolved because you can draw parallels with how the industry is changing today. We are seeing such a progressive use of various music styles to blend so many different genres together… the fact that this blog even exists shows how much force this current evolution has, and people are developing really diverse tastes in music through blogs like this one. Rock ‘n’ Roll also developed as a mixture of other genres; country, blues and jazz… with a little more bare bones simplicity and a shit tonne more attitude. It gets me amped to think about where Hip Hop is headed these days when artists work with other artists from different genres; Kid Cudi/Ratatat, Kanye West/Bon Iver.

So here’s a few Rock ‘n’ Roll tracks that I personally love and think are great representations of how the genre came into its own.

Charley Patton-Going To Move To Alabama

Allegedly the first song with Rock ‘n’ roll tendancies; you can hear that rolling Rock ‘n’ Roll bass line in there for sure.

Rocket 88-Ike Turner/Jackie Brenston

There’s different opinions on this, but I peg this song as the official beginning of the revolution. It has everything that early Rock ‘n’ Roll was right there.

Chuck Berry – Maybelline

Little Richard-Tutti Frutti

F’n love this song. I can’t manage to stay put when this is on. I gotta move a leg or something at least.

Bill Haley – Rock Around The Clock

Another one that I just can’t help but get up for.

Big Mama Thornton ft. Buddy Guy – Hound Dog

This is the original that Elvis Presley later worked on and made a hit out of, I like this one better because it’s got more of that original, pioneering sound that was indicative of this era.

Arthur Crudup-That’s All Right

Another original that Elvis re recorded later on, I like the old soulful sound of his voice.

Elvis Presley-That’s Alright Mama

Now Elvis and his recorded version again.

Elvis Presley- Blue Suede Shoes

Listen to the girls goin off in the crowd… reminds me of Bieber concert now… (no I dont think Bieber is the next Elvis haha). Please comment if I missed anything you guys think deserves a mention, this isn’t the definitive list by any means, just a few samples from my personal taste of the era.

Hopefully this post starts people thinking about where music is headed today by looking back at past music. Start up a conversation and lend your ideas/opinions/facts-anything in comment form!


PS Props to the guys from P&P for this awesome idea! Love the blog.