It takes a pretty good song to get stuck in your head. Bash catchy pop songs all you want, but think about how many sounds you hear in a day, how many songs pass through those two holes on the side of your head (I’m talking about your ears, double asshead) and get registered in some way by your brain. In every commercial, elevator, store, lobby, restaurant, TV show, movie – whatever, you get the point – you hear a lot of fucking music. This is all assuming you’re a normal person, and not a fanatic who seeks out as much music as can be processed in a day. (The fact that you’re on this music blog signals that you may be closer to the fanatic category.) For whatever reason, one of those songs is looping in your head over and over. I know, it’s usually a lame pop song that you claim to hate, but it got you hooked. Admit it, they did something right.

That song-stuck-in-your-head thing happens all the time though. One week a song will get stuck in your head and in two months you’ll forget the song ever existed. Blame it on the radio, blame it on cheap pop song structure, or blame it on the Attention Deficit Disorder of an overstimulated generation. What’s really amazing is when a song gets stuck somewhere deep in your brain, probably in the section that holds memories like your first kiss or when you got the news that someone close to you died. You could go a year without hearing it or thinking about it, then one day, walking down the street, you’re thinking about it – it’s playing in your head.

This post is dedicated to a song that randomly pops up in my head and plays itself for a few days at a time for no reason, and over a handful of years. The reason I’m posting it now is because today was one of those days. It was a rainy day here in NY and I didn’t have an umbrella. I put my hood on and as I was walking to my car, slowly getting more saturated, I started humming this. It’s a cover of “Heartbeats” by The Knife. The original is great too, but this José González version is painfully beautiful.

DOWNLOAD: José González – Heartbeats | Mediafire

The song was also used along with some great visuals for a Sony commercial (above). Hit the jump to watch the commercial being made…


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