My life has turned into a pile of post-it notes stuck all over my desk and random files scattered across my (computer) desktop. It’s actually kind of crazy. Even the wall above my computer screen has post-its stuck to it, littered with ideas that will probably never come to life. Example: I’m definitely going to SXSW this year, but I have it on my to-do list to put together a show. Will it happen? I doubt it, but good idea, right? Right. Post that shit on the wall. Boom.

Time to clean up. These are all things that I planned on posting at one time, but never got around to. Don’t count them out. Loose ends.

Green Lantern put this madness together. Jay-Z‘s “Song Cry” over the “Deuces” instrumental. This was before the official “Deuces” remix came out, and I really like this beat, so it was cool to hear Hov over it. I still don’t know how I feel about listening to Chris Brown. I want to be a forgiving person, but every time I hear his voice I picture him on Larry King, wearing that stupid bow tie and avoiding the truth. Even though I like “Deuces” I kind of wonder what the point is. A break up song about moving on to something better? Motherfucker you beat Rihanna’s face. Maybe take a while before talking about that kind of stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Song Cry (Deuces Mix)

Diplo and Lunice’s remix of Deerhunter’s “Helictopter”, off their recent Halcyon Digest. Deerhunter’s album got some great reviews, but I found it a little bland. It’s got the dry, indie rock style of Sonic Youth. Some people find some deep layers of genius in there, but this remix is more my style.

DOWNLOAD: Deerhunter – Helictopter (Diplo & Lunice Remix)

I haven’t really paid attention to Copywrite since his days of association with The Weatherman and Cage, but this is pretty hard. This is that intimidating, disrespectful, cold blooded lyrical hip-hop.

DOWNLOAD: Copywrite Ft. Crooked I – Crooked Cop

This one is just nuts. Baths’ “Hall”. It’s something like the heavily layered Animal Collective, minus the Beach Boys influence and scribbled across a bumpy landscape.

DOWNLOAD: Baths – Hall

Oh no. I kind of like a Soulja Boy song. Talk your shit, but this track is entertaining. Chorus sounds like something Pharrell would do. Production by Boi-1da. Soulja’s lyrical skills are still elementary, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying this.

DOWNLOAD: Soulja Boy – Speakers Going Hammer

After 3 hours of sleep, this is the first thing I listened to this morning. Thank you, Steve Aoki, I’m up.

DOWNLOAD:  Steve Aoki & Sydney Samson – Wake Up Call

West Coast hip-hop from Zion I. This one has a reggae vibe to it.

DOWNLOAD: Zion I – Many Stylez ft. Rebelution

Here’s the latest from producer/emcee duo Isaiah & Hovey. “Rhymes 365” has an old school, laid back feel to it. Smooth shit.

DOWNLOAD: Isaiah & Hovey – Rhymes 365