Mr. Steal Your Girl got in trouble earlier this year for allegedly bringing a 16 year old on stage to make out/use as a prop for one of his sexy songs for the ladies. Oops. Live and learn, right Trey? Right. But we obviously still need a woman to sexify, and with a song that may or may not be called “Finger Game to the Ladies”, we NEED to make sure it’s not a 16 year old.

Boom. Invisible Lady. Trey already has a bunch of these (Mr. Steal Your Invisible Girl – it’s a problem. That’s why I keep all mine locked in my invisible basement), so why not bring one on stage for some fingering, fucking, hair pulling? Good call, Trigga. I just hope his invisible girl is of age. “Trey Songz Fingers Invisible 16 Year Old On Stage” could be a career crippling headline.

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