Here’s another one off that upcoming Sam Adam‘s mixtape Party Record, out this Thursday. The mixtape is heavily influenced by dubstep/electronic music. I’ve said it before – it’s a direction I like. The indie/hip-hop void is being filled nicely by developing artists, and the electronic, especially dubstep/hip-hop genre clash is the next obvious frontier. The UK and the rest of Europe is way more up on this, but the US is like a less fashionable cousin that catches on some things a little later. It will happen.

As far as Sam Adams, he’s got that cocky college kid vibe, and I don’t really connect with it, but I respect when someone is being successful by doing something new, and this Boston college kid vs. filthy electronic/dubstep beats is certainly something new. Sammy has gotten A LOT of shit – just Google “Scam Adams”. Apparently he reached #1 on the iTunes charts and rumors spread that all the sales were put on one single credit card. It was said that Sam had purchased his own MP3’s to boost his numbers. Immediately the “rich white kid who bought his success” label was put on him, and in the hip-hop world, that can mean certain death if not managed correctly. From what I’ve seen, this has all been disproved and discredited, and his support is legitimate.

DOWNLOAD: Sam Adams – Bass Head | Mediafire

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