Here it is. I’ve already said a lot about these guys, so I’ll keep it short.

Moxie Black sounds at once retro and futuristic. Their music challenges you to classify it, then flips things up when you think you’ve finally figured it out. Moxie Black makes the kind of music that can only be described by using oxymorons, so act naturally. Turn on your black light. Forget all your bad luck and that numb feeling you’ve got in your chest. Moxie Black is coming with that freezer burn, that Great Depression, Hell’s Angels, holy war music. Stand down, these guys are a sure bet. At times, it’s all about serious fun. At others, it’s sweet sorrow. All of these feelings and sounds come together in random order, and I am terribly pleased with the results, but that’s old news. Jumbo shrimp.

Beats-a-plenty, genre bending, Autotune loving, content compelling, in part inspired by nothing and everything all at the same time. Moxie Black’s debut album, How Did This Happen?, combines the even-tempered Dekk—his meticulously infused indie-pop inspired arrangements, R&B melodies, and electro-pop production—with iLLA’s swagger—his confident bravado, out of the box cadences, and crass attitude.