These remixes, or reconstructions as Hobbz calls them, are heavy. Thick like molasses. Cold like the basement floor. Thumping like hearts do in the movies when they’re ripped directly from the chest. Ugh. After listening to that “Sprawl” remix I think I need a ventricular shunt. Nasty stuff that will make your head swell. Love it. I like this guy’s style.

.I’m Hobbz.
.I make beats.
.I like to remix.
.I’m relatively new to the game.
.I’m looking to break out.
.I create what I feel and feel what I create.
.I love to experiment.
.I like to try something new.
.I may not be liked by all and I do not like all.
.If you like my music….download it; play it; share it; feature it.
.I heart communities.

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Cut By Hobbz) *Fixed Drop* by Hobbz!

Arcade Fire – Sprawl (Flatland) (Slumped By Hobbz) by Hobbz!

Robyn – Indestructible (Reconstructed By Hobbz) by Hobbz!