First of all, this is not safe for work. Um, It takes a lot to completely confuse me when it comes to music, but I just got an email about this band and then I watched the video and I am speechless. Russia, you’re crazy.

We have a new insane music video from our client Mumiy Troll that I think you might enjoy.  In case you are not familiar, Mumiy Troll is without exaggeration, the biggest group in Russia.  Please be warned, this video is not suitable to watch with your kids –

Front-man Ilya Lagutenko is an icon in Russia – he formed his first band at the age of 11 when Russia was still completely isolated, and was a musician before you were allowed to be one – Mumiy Troll was even called “the most dangerous band in the world” and banned by the local communist party in their early days. Ilya has served in the Russian Air Navy, earned degrees in Mandarin and Chinese economy, and prepared, but luckily did not attempt, to cross the globe in a sailboat.

Direct download: Mumiy Troll – Polar Bear

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