I’m not sure if there is much in this world that is cooler than (young) Lou Reed in all black everything. The man was a punk before punk existed, the VU was Andy Warhol’s house band, and just by asking a rock fan if they’re into The Velvet Underground, you can tell a lot about their taste. Even if you’re not into The Velvet Underground, chances are very high that you’re a fan of a band that was influenced by them.

They were cool as fuck, but their coolness has led to a lot of uncool people getting into them to seem cool. Seeming cool and being cool is a thin line. Once you become concerned with being cool, you’re automatically uncool. Maybe I just gave it away I’m concerned about it. I like to think that I’ve gone so far over the line of not being cool and being so openly concerned with coolness in general that somehow I’ve ended up back on the cool side? That’s probably not the case.

I already talked about the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions, so I’m not gonna go into that again, but for this one The Kills covered The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes”. Stream it below, download it HERE.

The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground Cover) by pigeonsandplanes

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Hit the jump to see the video of The Kills talking about this shit.