Planned on blogging more tonight, but real life got complicated. Some things (very few) are more important than blogging. Things turned out okay, so I had to take a minute to throw up at least one more track. Tomorrow I’ll play catch up. Here’s a cover that I thought is worth sharing. I love this song from LCD Soundsystem’s This Is Happening, but one of my only problems with it (and the album as a whole) is that it drags on a little. People who are “deep” and have “attention spans” might like the lengthy cuts, but after a few red eyed years of listening to Phish and Grateful Dead jam on for 20 minutes at a time, I’ve lost my patience.

I can deal with 6 minute songs, but at certain points during This Is Happening it starts to feel a little self indulgent and my “next button” trigger finger (I tend to use my thumb) gets itchy. James Murphy is a genius in my books, and maybe it’s just that, as a peasant listener, I’m not on his level, but sometimes I wish he’d go back to his punk rock roots and pack his punch in 3, maybe 4 minutes. See Green pulls off a solid cover in under 4. It’s not James Murphy, but it’s cool.

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