Artwork done by Step Forward Designs | Picture taking by Ariam Photography NYC

Ladies & gentlemen, here is the 2nd offering off of Frank Ramz (me) & Shortman Score’s *No Fly Zone* project called “What I Need”. Every one has their own vice(s) that helps them cope with day to day life. In this song we let you know what we both individually need to help us with our daily struggles and I’m pretty sure you can relate to either one point of view or maybe even both. & yea, it’s the “I’m Single” beat. Enjoy!

Confusion Edit: Credit to Ramz and Shortman Score for going in over one of my favorite recent beats and making a dope song out of it. It’s one of those beats that won’t carry a song. The instrumental is so understated that it shines a spotlight on the vocals and forces the artist to accept the attention. Spit some boring shit over this beat and it will appear blatantly obvious. Ramz and Shortman take different approaches, but both are engaging and the result is sick.

The video for this record is currently being edited and will be out in a few weeks!! *No Fly Zone* coming soon!!

Shortman Score & Frank Ramz – “What I Need” | Mediafire

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Hit the jump for an alternate single cover for “What I Need” done by Wingspan.

Wingspan also made this dope cover for the Japanese Cartoon’s latest free album titled *In The Jaws of the Lords of Death*

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