It’s not often that I hear half of one song and immediately download a whole EP. I like to hear a few samples and get into some casual streaming before I commit to any sort of bundle ownership. On the recommendation of Yours Truly, I started my morning out with track number 7 to this EP, “I See It Coming”. Mmmm. Audibly, it’s like what I imagine 100% strawberry juice to be. Not strawberry kiwi, or strawberry flavored beverage. I’m talking about taking a bag full of strawberries and turning that shit into straight juice. I’m sure it exists (in Heaven) but I’ve never come across it. I crave it, but I imagine that once you taste it, there’s no turning back.

Guards‘ EP features Cults, who have also become a great source for this type of simple, sweet, airy, melody driven pop. It’s becoming a staple sound for summer 2010, and I welcome it. Look, I got you this widget below where you can stream and download the 7 song EP for free. This is what I’ll be listening to today on my daily train ride. Check it out.

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