I wasn’t aware of this until the other day, but 9th Wonder (North Carolina producer from the early days of Little Brother) has been making moves. A lot of mainstream music browsers probably don’t know him, but you’ll meet a lot of hip-hop heads who will put him up there as one of the top 5 living producers. His sound is simple but soulful. You’re much more likely to confuse his production for Premier than for Timbaland. Whatever you think of him, the dude clearly has some plans…

9th started It’s A Wonderful World Music Group as the parent label that houses Jamla and the Academy. Jamla is more like a Motown, with a more commercial sound. According to 9th, Jamla is “straight forward, no chaser, SOUL music ranging from hip-hop to R&B. The bottom line … no additives or preservatives. We are Jamla.” While The Academy is more your stonesthrow ABB type, like more underground, raw hip-hop, similar to where LB started. He created the two labels to help distinguish the sounds of all the artists he has.

Here’s a video and mp3 from one of his artists Big Remo. 9th has been rolling out videos introducing all of his different artists from his team. You can check out more here.

[wpaudio url=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/7ric2rrz5v.mp3″ text=”Big Remo ft. 9thmatic – Go” dl=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/7ric2rrz5v.mp3″]

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