Miike fucking Snow. This is the video for Stuart Price’s radio edit (can someone explain to me the difference between a radio edit and a remix?) of  “The Rabbit”, and it’s a trip. Stuart Price has also has worked for Madonna, The Killers, and Missy Elliott and he gives this one a boost of clarity and bounce.  High points of the video include: A kid with a beard, a 3-legged pitbull, a chubby boy in a purple tanktop with wild eyes, and a beautiful reenactment of the 2LiveCrew album cover.

As cool as the video is, I’m not sure if the changes to the song are an improvement or a dive into a crowded ball pit of similar sounding pop songs. Although Miike Snow’s music is clearly poppy (the production team behind singer Andrew Wyatt, known as Bloodshy and Avant, were responsible for hits such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic”), it also had a really distinct sound. On their debut album they created a pop album that didn’t feel like most pop. Their hooks were huge, and synths were plenty, but it each song sounded like 5 or 6 really powerful elements working together instead of 20 weak elements posing as a unit.

When you listen to this Stuart Price mix, it sounds incredibly polished, but to me it comes across as a bag of party tricks compared to the original work of the producers behind Miike Snow. Every 5 seconds a new synth/sound effect/back-up vocal is thrown in the mix. By the end, I was expecting to hear an airhorn or a rapper jump in with a verse. Any Miike Snow fans out there have an opinion?