Tokyo Police Club’s album Champ Championship came out today (6/8). I said it before and I will agree with myself – it is really good. Pick it up at, iTunes, or wherever. It’s the kind of album that comes across as honest – not trying to be something it isn’t. No crazy mind games that make you question what’s going on, just catchy melodies and youthful indie rock that will grab you right away and hold on tightly. It probably won’t be the type of album that changes your life, but it could definitely be the type of album that brightens up your summer or serves as a great soundtrack to long drives or impromptu frisbee sessions.

To be fair, I have read negative things about the album. People complain that the band is just doing more of the same and there isn’t enough experimentation. These are probably the same people that try to convince you to ditch the hot sauce and instead slather your chicken in their new salsa and peanut butter combo. Fuck outta here, I’ll never tire of hot sauce on chicken. Never.

In celebration of the album release, here’s a remix of “Wait Up” done by Dom, the dudes that brought you “Living In America”.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)(DOM Remix)” dl=”″]


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