Oh fuck. Almost went a whole day without a post on Pigeons and Planes, but I’ve been stressing out about final exams and trying to cram a semester’s worth of studying into a few hours at the unfamiliar library. A whole day of no posts makes me uncomfortable, so here we go. Don’t give me that “but it’s after midnight, so technically the day is gone” bullshit, you fucking nerd. The day is over when you go to sleep. A new day begins when you wake up. Everyone knows that. What happens when you stay up all night? Plenty of theories, but the simple answer – nobody knows. Just try not to think about it.

I don’t know much about Nocando, but if he’s down with MURS and Intuition, chances are he’s worth checking out. Glad I grabbed this one, it’s a nice chilled out night cap.

Nocando – Hurry Up and Wait (Remix) (ft. MURS, Intuition, Open Mike Eagle, Dumfounded)