MySpace got some exclusive performances from Danger Mouse and James Mercer, collectively known as Broken Bells. I’ve avoided MySpace over the past years, sure that one day it would just completely disappear or become exclusively for pedophiles, but it looks like they’ve began digging some little side tunnels that they can work in. I’ll have to keep my eye on this Transmissions thing. It looks like they get some good artists. Hit the jump to download the EP of the performance and also check out the other two videos.

As far as Broken Bells, when I first heard the album I liked it. Now I love it. It’s one of those albums, subtle in it’s genius, but well worth the time it takes to really appreciate. If you’re into them as much as I am, make sure you listen to Broken Bells – October.

Download the EP

Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside” from Transmissions

MySpace Transmissions | MySpace Video

Broken Bells – “October” from The MySpace Transmission

MySpace Transmissions | MySpace Video

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